24K Gold plated iron table decoration (Santa Maria) with Swarovski crystals

24K Gold plated iron table decoration (Santa Maria) decorated with clear Swarovski crystals, without the wooden base.


Corporate gifting is a proven method for engaging with prospects, clients, customers. It also makes a great award, incentive, retirement, or fund-raising piece in holiday parties and awards ceremonies.


When placed under direct sunlight, these genuine Swarovski crystals will refract colour to create a vibrant and eye-catching atmosphere to your office.


This showpiece will add a touch of sparkle and beauty to your office decor with a stunning figurine. Check out our corporate gifts to promote your company and thank your clients.

24K Gold plated iron table decoration (Santa Maria) with Swarovski crystals

  • Product code: U-4005/NB


    Size: 10cm(H) 


    Colour Collection :

    24K Gold Plated - a meaning of wealth, grandeur, as well as sparkle, glitz, and glamour.


    Silver Plated Lacquered - a meaning of modern, sleek, high-tech and tenderness.


    Rose Gold Plated Lacquered - Rose gold, also said as pink gold -a very subtle, delicate ornate, glamorous, sophisticated and elegant colour.


    Blackish Plated Lacquered - a mysterious colour which represents strength, seriousness, power, and authority.


    Pewter Plated - a timeless and practical cool neutral colour.


    Anti-Copper Plated - a warmth and stability warm neutral colour.



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